Your body is an amazing and beautiful instrument – music and words are created inside of it, that is why all kinds of tempo, rhythm and dynamics can be recreated with the body motion.
based on the theory and work of the Swiss composer Émile Jaques-Dalcroze
For many years, the Nikoli Theatre has been conducting theatre workshops throughout the country and abroad. These include elements of mime, acrobatics, juggling, dance improvisation, improvisation with a partner and an object for classical, contemporary, jazz and ethnic music. They are intended for both youth and adults.

The variety of proposed elements gives participants the opportunity to wake up the body and launch creative potential to create interesting characters through organic movement, gesture and facial expressions.

The goal is to, through various art trends, open participants to the search for development. The essence - getting inspiration to create a new work.
The result - the ability to make theatre improvisations, search for your own, individual style and light, casual behaviour in a given situation, which results not only on the stage, but also in everyday life.
The main idea of the workshop is to open people to constant search. The goal is not to impose our theatre form on participants, but to aim to create something new and common. Thanks to this, very interesting and original theatrical scenes are created during the workshops.

The workshop program includes:

I ) Techniques
  • mime
  • modern dance
  • acrobatics
  • jugglery
II ) Improvised movement using the techniques mentioned above
  • improvisation of an actor for jazz, classical and contemporary music
  • improvisation of an actor with an item
  • improvisation with the use of body motion, gestures, expressions of characters
  • improvisation with a partner
III) Creating short scenes
  • individual work
  • teamwork - understanding and feeling of the partner
Hosted by: Nikolai Veprev
Assistant: Dominika Jucha
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