Pink Punk

A full of music, colourful tale about friendship and the fight against evil.
With art, you can change the world. This is what
Pink Punk belief in and what he aims for.

He builds his own world in which an important place takes dead tree.
He takes care about it and water it every day but despite those things
it does not bloom. Still, he divides his mornings and evenings with his only friend. The tree is a confidant of his musical ecstasies flowing
from the self-created guitar.

Music is Punk's love, he lives with it and compose it with a great hope that thanks to its power, he will save the world. Guitar strings become more and more stretched when in the closest surrounding of Pink Punk appears Uncle Sim – Provocateur. The effects of his influence on the main character are amazing.

Time: 45min
Photographer: Yaroslav Veprev, Sergiusz Różański
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© 2018 Teatr Nikoli - All right reserved.