Lolita Dolly

Dramatic story about relations between a girl and her stepfather.
Based on the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov.
Spectacle tells a dramatic story of orphaned girl who, after her mother's death, has been under the influence of her sick minded and deeply fallen in love with her stepfather

Еhe girl tries to find her place in this strange situation using her
girlish charm. She fulfils Humbert's dreams getting financial
profits out of it.

Their relationship inspired the father to write the story of a wolf
and a sheep. Even though the whole situation is becoming
dangerous and almost impossible to continue. The relationship
between the wolf and the lamb in the story is shown on the example
of a dance and artistic movement as they become the metaphorical resemblance of the passion between Lolita and the writer.

Excellent actors' performance reflects the sexual tension in the relationship.

The spectacle was presented for the first time in a synagogue what
gave it a symbolic meaning. For the theatre the first performance
is like a birth of a child; miracle that takes place in a holy scenery.
The atmosphere of the church emphasized the tragic situation
of the girl.

Time: 50min
Photographer: Natalia Wawk, Sebastian Góra, LorinIonita, Yaroslav Veprev


Performance was voted by theatre critics of month periodical "Theatre", one of the best of the shows "The Best of Season 2012/2013"
Warsaw, Poland
The Jury of the 9th Festival of Independent Theatres awarded this play for being an outstanding journey to the world of perversion, the dumb cinema and circus, the main prize and Dominika Jucha (acting Lolita) was given the main prize for the best actress.
Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
"Lolita Dolly" through the body motion, mime and gestures perfectly reflects the intimacy of an unusual relationship.The tension presented on the stage forces us to reflect and think long time after the lights go out. The premiere of this performance took place in the synagogue, which is almost symbolic. Like the birth of a child, here the miracle of birth takes place in a holy place. This aura perfectly enhances the tragic character of Lolita.
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