Lolita Dolly

Show tells a dramatic story of an orphaned girl who has been remained at the mercy of her sick minded stepfather Humbert.
Teatr Nikoli Lolita dolly

The Old Dovecote

Performance takes place in an old, abandoned place inhabited by pigeons. It is a story about people unmatched to the world who find their own corner, where they can spread their wings and show their inner beauty.
Teatr Nikoli Stary Gołębnik


It is a story of artists with great talent, full of vivid pictures, who fell into the dangerous snares of the modern world.
Teatr Nikoli Impresario


"Maruczella" by connecting humour, amazing style of the silent cinema and Federico Fellini's movies creates a unique spectacle which, from very beginning, draw the audience's attention.
Teatr Nikoli Maruczella

Pink Punk

An extraordinary performance shows the immense power of art. The main character dedicates his whole life to music. His only friend and confidant of musical ecstasy is a dry tree.
Teatr Nikoli Różowy Punk

Swinging Charleston

The play, thanks to the cabaret form, shows the times of prohibition in a grotesque way. This is an amazing world where life passes by the sounds of charleston and the air is filled with the smell of cigars.
Teatr Nikoli Swinging Charleston

A long time ago at Montmartre

During the performance viewers have a chance to visit Montmartre - the street of dreams, art and creativity. This is a unique opportunity to meet a mysterious artist, sentimental, affectionate, real chansonnier.
Teatr Nikoli Dawno temu na Montmartre
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